Ninghai |Meile Aluminum Co., Ltd.

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Ninghai |Meile Aluminum Co., Ltd.was founded in January 2001 and was formerly Ninghai 6th Plastic Daily Commodity Factory which was originated in 1970, shifted to manufacturing commodity aluminum products in 1991, and formally turned to production of commodity shaped aluminum materials of various specifications in May 2000.
“Meile Aluminum Industry” is presently a flagship enterprise for producing aluminum shaped materials with the largest section area reaching as far as below 300mm in the same...

      • Company Name:
      • Ninghai |Meile Aluminum Co., Ltd.
      • Business Type:
      • Main Products:
      • aluminum bar, aluminum plate, aluminum wire
      • Address:
      • Industrial Block A, Meilin Management Park, Chengguan Town, Haining County
      • Post Code:
      • 315609
      • Contact Person:
      • Miss Wang, Mr. Chen
      • Department:
      • Mobile Phone:
      • 18667805886
      • Tel:
      • 0574-65350030 13056703658
      • Fax:
      • 0574-65291822
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